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Such a sunny day in Huncwot, 2x Gold @lovieawards for https://t.co/br8xjx9SDG #art + https://t.co/2q8N50fFtR #education #lovies @polinmuseum

Great news from Cannes! Gold Lion for ⚡Codeology, thank you @marpi_ @braintree #CannesLions https://t.co/bZNidl19d5 https://t.co/YIaI4ApkxA

Nice day in Vienna, got 2 European Design Awards for https://t.co/br8xjx9SDG and https://t.co/dON4tSUMeE #ecommerce https://t.co/4OoiEAOAet

Tools for medieval researches can be well designed and sexy, check it #latin #manuscripts https://t.co/bnK09InRqT https://t.co/cea7XnDxIN

Polona/Typo is the first app to use #API from National Library of Poland. More to come soon! https://t.co/Ty9WeejcSM https://t.co/RhYYNaMYmq

Chronicles of Change


Some revolutions end abruptly, some wither away gradually, eventually they all leave the headlines. It is than that we start to notice what matters most: the processes of social change that these revolts ignite. 

Chronicles of change is a project where a complex narrative of the past, a story of a revolution meets the mini narratives of the present, the stories of how a revolution changed our lives.  


ux / art direction / design