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Such a sunny day in Huncwot, 2x Gold @lovieawards for https://t.co/br8xjx9SDG #art + https://t.co/2q8N50fFtR #education #lovies @polinmuseum

Great news from Cannes! Gold Lion for ⚡Codeology, thank you @marpi_ @braintree #CannesLions https://t.co/bZNidl19d5 https://t.co/YIaI4ApkxA

Nice day in Vienna, got 2 European Design Awards for https://t.co/br8xjx9SDG and https://t.co/dON4tSUMeE #ecommerce https://t.co/4OoiEAOAet

Tools for medieval researches can be well designed and sexy, check it #latin #manuscripts https://t.co/bnK09InRqT https://t.co/cea7XnDxIN

Polona/Typo is the first app to use #API from National Library of Poland. More to come soon! https://t.co/Ty9WeejcSM https://t.co/RhYYNaMYmq

People Dogs


We produced a music video and and an interactive campaign for 'Ludzie Psy' ('People Dogs') from Maria Peszek's new, bestselling album. Fans were asked to contribute to making the video, that was shot on VHS.




creative concept / art direction / ux / development / video production / editing

Video Play

Fans had an opportunity to doodle on stills from the video, while their on-screen motions were recorded. The most interesting drawings were selected and used to assemble the final video.

Video Play

Over 30.000 of drawings were submitted, some of them were featured on the cover of a very popular weekly magazine - "Przekroj".